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Big Changes
In Small Doses

Calling Forth a Higher Love

Higher Love is a transformative 12-week journey blending precision medicine, somatic embodiment, and mindfulness practices with our Psilocybin Microdose Coaching Program.​ 

Our medical team provides a custom-tailored microdosing protocol for each member of our community, pairing low-dose psilocybin with adaptogenic herbs, tinctures, and natural remedies that are custom tailored to support your unique mental and physical health.

Through the magic of psychedelic connectedness and the joy of community building, we invite you to join us on this adventure that celebrates the boundless potential of a Higher Love.


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Virtual integration calls are held every other Wednesday at 8pm EST 
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What's Included

3 Month's Supply of Plant & Herbal Supplements

Guided Practices, Videos, and Resources

Biweekly calls with your cohort and guide team 

Two 30 minute private calls with our Naturopathic team


Unlimited text and email support 


Harm Reduction & Safety Guidance

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There are many microdose programs out there. Higher Love is unique in that we create a custom microdose package for you based on your specific health needs and personal goals.

After completing a consultation call with Dr. Elise Sulser, ND you will receive a package in the mail containing your own bespoke microdose support package—handcrafted by our team to amplify your healing journey.

Precision Microdosing:
Plant Medicine Designed Specifically For You


Your 12 Week Journey To A More Vibrant Life

Microdosing is a powerful practice, but it comes with questions. What's the right dose for me? When should I take it? What are the precautions? How do I know if it's working?

Higher Love's flagship 12-week program offers simple and understandable guidance to help empower you to harness the therapeutic and spiritual potential of psilocybin, while staying safe and informed. We do this in a supportive community-based learning environment that fosters profound insights through playful guidance. 

Whether you're a medical professional, athlete, student, entrepreneur, parent, or anything in between, we offer inspiring tools in combination with microdosing to help you unlock your full potential and feel your best. Our program is suitable for people who are experienced with psychedelics, or those who are feeling called to work with plant medicine but don't know where to start.

Meet Your Guides

Nate, Elise and Chris bring a combined 30+ years in the health and wellness world. Their mindfulness, yoga, and plant medicine retreats have attracted thousands of people from across the world to take a deep breath and inspire a more vibrant and resilient (and playful) life.

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