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Course Outline

Practice makes progress. Our curriculum is broken down into six modules, each lasting two weeks and building upon each other to create progressive change. While the microdosing opens us up to greater receptivity, the container we create through community sharing and daily embodiment practices will water the seeds of change to create lasting growth.  

Like the perfect fruit smoothie, our course will be a sweet blend of our favorite things, and hopefully yours, too: heart-based guidance, warm community, meaningful lessons, and nourishing mindfulness practices. As our name suggests, our hope is to infuse this program with the inspiring air of curiosity and joy, celebrating the magic of connection and honoring the goodness in our lives with a light and buoyant heart. 

Our suggested practice resources, (think meditations, movement, podcasts, videos, journaling prompts, etc.) paired with biweekly virtual calls, will help you tend the seeds of peace in your life, while empowering you to become a more conscious author of your own life story.

We hope you join us for this journey!



This Is Your Captain Speaking

Learn the rules of engagement, practical information on dosing and cadence, safety measures, and "flight instructions" as you meet your fellow cohort members.

  • Perspectives on using psychedelic medicine

  • How to microdose safely

  • Setting intentions and goals for the program

  • The art of surrender and letting go

  • How to interact with the medicine to optimize your experience


Trust Your Gut

Wisdom comes from having a clear connection with our inner guiding voice. How can microdosing help you find stillness, clear the clutter of your mind, make more aligned choices, and kindle the flame of your intuition?    

  • Making decisions from your most centered place

  • Tools to discern and trust your inner voice

  • Practices to release deeply rooted tension in the abdomen and organs

  • Exercises for calming the nervous system

  • Embodiment frameworks for staying grounded in your medicine experiences
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Breathe Deep, Dream Bigger

Your relationship to your breath is your relationship to life. We'll explore how a simple inhale and exhale can become your greatest tools to foster vitality, regulate your emotions, and live with more lightness.

  • Learn about the science of breathing

  • Breathwork practices to cultivate vitality, tranquility, and higher love!

  • How to use the breath to self-regulate and co-regulate with others

  • Combining microdoses with breathwork and meditation techniques


Stars Shine Brightest In The Dark

Resilience does not happen in spite of our challenges, but because of them. Our shadows can be our greatest teachers. How can we cast light on our limiting beliefs, bringing Higher Love to not just our bright parts, but our dark parts, too?

  • What is shadow work, and how can we explore it while staying in our power?

  • Illuminating the root causes of limiting beliefs

  • Unpacking feelings of shame and not-enoughness

  • Parts work to listen to the parts of ourselves we have shunned or abandoned

  • Transforming our demons into our allies



An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is not just a buzz word, but a powerful and accessible practice for creating healthier interpersonal relationships and more lightness in your own heart.

  • Develop a daily gratitude practice

  • Learning how to practice "Metta" or loving-kindness meditation

  • Practices to shift mindset from lack to abundance

  • Offering reverent appreciation to the special people in our lives


You Are The Medicine!

Dance with your deepest desires. Pave the pathway for the gifts you are yearning to share with the world and groove to your unique rhythm.

  • Defining your gifts and creating a Service Action Plan

  • Indigenous perspectives on purpose and a fulfilling life

  • How to dance with the inevitable challenges of daily life

  • Become clear on how to offer your gifts in sustainable ways that continue to nourish you

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